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17th June 2019, Summer Training Program- 2019

Valedictory function


28th May 2019, Summer Training Program-2019 Inauguration


March 15, 2019, The Young Scientist Award function and Physics & Chemistry Olympiad Prize, Certificate distribution function held at University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai.

July 14, 2018, Seminar on ‘Promotion of Science & Technology to Higher Levels of Excellence’  &  Felicitation  to  Dr. M. Anandakrishnan on his ‘90th Birthday’


13th June 2018, Summer Training Programs 2018 Valedictory function


24th May 2018, Summer Training Programs 2018 Inauguration


March 17, 2018, Physics Olympiad Prize distribution Function


Young Scientist Award 2017  function on 16th  March 2018


28th October 2017, Seminar on Sensors


15th June 2017, Summer Training Programs 2017 Valedictory function


26th May 2017, Summer Training Programs 2017 Inauguration


Young Scientist Award 2016 function on 3rd March 2017


15th June 2016, Summer Training Programs 2016 Valedictory function


Young Scientist Award 2015 function on 11th March 2016

Young Scientist Award 2014 function on 6th March 2015