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October 6th , 2018: General Body Meeting of the Academy of the Sciences, Chennai will be held on 6th October 2018 (Saturday) at 3.30 PM at the Seminar Hall of the Dept. of Nuclear Physics, University of  Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai-25. 

July 14th 2.30 P.M: Seminar on “Promotion of Science & Technology to Higher Levels of Excellence”  and  4.30.P.M.:  Felicitation  to
Dr. M. Anandakrishnan on his 90th Birthday.

Summer Training Programs-2018 in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology  is being conducted  from May 24–June 13, 2018.

March 17, 2018: 3.00 P.M., Physics Olympiad Distribution of Prizes and Certificates of Merit function will be  held in the Dept. of Nuclear Physics, University of Madras, Special Lecture by Dr. V. Devanathan on The Concept of Four-Vectors  and Interactive session with Teachers & Students on the conduct of Physics Olympiad  by Dr. T. Ramasami (Former Secretary, Department of Science & Technology).

March 16, 2018: 1.30 P.M., The Young Scientist Award function held in the Dept. of Nuclear Physics, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai-600025. 

As part of Academy activity Prof. R. Asokamani, Secretary, The Academy of Sciences, Chennai visited the following institutions and had delivered lectures,
28.01.2018 M.S University , Thirunelveli– ‘Challenges in Solid state Physics’
29.01.2018 M.K university , Madurai– ‘Concepts in Condensed Matter Physics’
30.01.2018 Alagappa University, Karaikudi –‘An overview of Solid state physics’
1.02.2018 (F.N) National College, Trichy-‘Recent Advances in Solid state physics’
1.02.2018(A.N) Bharathidasan University,- ‘Physics of Solids at High Pressure’
6.02.2018 QMC, Chennai- ‘Recent Developments in Condensed Matter Physics’

28th Oct 2017:  One day Seminar on ” SENSORS ”  at MIT Campus,  Anna University, Chrompet, Chennai.

8th Sep 2017: 3.00 P.M., Special Lecture on Imperatives of Changing School Curriculum in Tamil Nadu    Talk by Dr. M. Anandakrishnan, Chairman, Committee for School Curriculum Development, Govt. of Tamil Nadu , Presidential Address by Dr. P. Duraisamy, Vice Chancellor, University of Madras   at Chemical Sciences Auditorium, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai.

Annual General Body meeting held on 01 st September 2017, 3.30 pm.

Summer Training Programs-2017 in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology  was conducted  from May 26–June 15, 2017.

March 3, 2017: 2.30 P.M., The Young Scientist Award function was held in the Dept. of Nuclear Physics, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai-600025. The awards were distributed by Dr. M. Anandakrishnan, who was the Chief guest. Dr. S. K. Sekaran, President of the Saraswathy Srinivasan Trust was a special invitee.

10th Feb. 2017: 3.00 P.M., Special Lecture on  ‘Dynamics of Electron in Solids’   by   Prof. R. Asokamani,  at Dept. of Nuclear Physics, University of Madras, Chennai 600 025.

Annual General Body meeting held on 25th November 2016, 3.30 pm.

22nd  Dec. 2016: 2.30 P.M., Special Lecture on `Life and Times of Thiru Ramanujam’   by Prof.  L. Jones Tarcius Doss, Dept.  of Mathematics, Anna University, Chennai 600 025 at TN Periyar S&T Centre.

10th Nov. 2016: 4.00 P.M., Special Lecture on ‘Glimpses of Topology in Materials: Nobel Prize in Physics for 2016’   by   Prof. G.  Baskaran, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai 600 113.

26th May to 15th June 2016: Summer Training Programs 2016 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and was sponsored by the Science City

11th Mar 2016: Young Scientist Award 2015 Ceremony

04 Feb. 2016: 3 P.M., Special Lecture on `How does the Sun Shine ’  by  Prof. D. Indumathi,  Institute Of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

30 Oct. 2015: 3 P.M., Special Lecture on`Structure of Titanium Alloy Phases’ By Dr. A. K. Singh, Senior Scientist , DMRL, Hyderabad.

General Body Meeting held on 10th October, 2015

Summer Training Programs-2015 in Physics, Chemistry & Biology  was conducted  from May 28– June 17, 2015.

General Body Meeting held on 10th April, 2015

6th Mar 2015, Young Scientist Award 2014 Ceremony 

18 Dec 2014  : 3 P.M. Talk on “Ultrasonic Synthesis and Processing of  Biofunctional Materials ” by Prof. Ashok Kumar, University of Melbourne, Australia   

5th Dec 2014, International Year Of Crystallography & Presentation of the Fellowship certificates

8th Oct 2014, Workshop on Applications of Solar Energy Conversion on 8th Oct 2014

General Body meeting held on 11th October, 2014